Allison & Andrew

Tree for Fall Season

Check out our Honeymoon of Awesome site for wedding pictures!

To our dearest family and friends:

Thanks for checking out our website! As you have probably deduced from our invitations, we're planning a nice little shindig this October, what some would more commonly call a "wedding", and we want you there to help us celebrate! We are so very excited to be able to get married in our favorite little town hidden away in the San Diego mountains, and look forward to bringing together so many people we love into one awesome celebration.

This site is the grand repository of everything you could ever want to know (and probably some things you don't care to know) about us and our upcoming nuptials. So feel free to look around and explore! You'll find loads of things, from story information to photos to maps, maybe even some treasure! We promise that there are no traps rigged to explode, and if you get yourself too terribly lost a glowing golden trail will appear to lead you back to the quest.

Allison's rogue has apparently already ransacked all the treasure. Sorry, everyone, we guess you were just a little too slow...

The Wedding Quest

Quest Goal: Attend Allison & Andrew's wedding

Where: Pine Hills Lodge, Julian, CA

Reward: Dinner, drinks, and dancing! And a lifetime of appreciation.
(No gold pieces or experience points will be awarded, but there will be cake.)

Bonus Side Quest: Live tweet and Facebook check in at the event! Tag with #AAEweddingofawesome so that everyone can look up the photos, comments, and snarky remarks you post!

Scavenger Hunt Subquest

Quest Goal: Search this web site for hidden links and collect the secret codes. Look for the subtle links in the site text!

Reward: Special prizes for how many codes you discover will be up for grabs at the wedding! You can fill in this form to bring with you.

There are 10 secret codes. Can you find them all?